"I love you, Rue."

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Sherlock + Explosions: aka Mark likes to blow things up

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» When someone leaves immediately after a Marvel movie



I am so lucky. I cannot believe..I am pinching myself. I was grinning like an idiot on the phone to my mum earlier saying, "your son is now going to the Oscars."

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Departure HD Scans :) 

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Fake film: Did You See Me?

Psychological Thriller ► Ruby (Emma Watson) moves in with her brother Alex (Tom Hiddleston) after her college roommate is murdered. One day, their charming new neighbour Lawrence (Benedict Cumberbatch) knocks on the door to introduce himself. Ruby seems to recognize him immediately and insists that he is her roommate’s killer however Lawrence has a solid alibi and no recognizable motive so others are not quick to believe her.

Fake Film: where Tom Hiddleston and JJ Feild are brothers because just look at them.

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